Finding an affordable hostel in Brunei Darussalam was quite challenging. There were many, actually, but I wanted one located on great area.

After browsing a whole month, I found one. I liked it at the first sight, even though there were some quite affordable places. It was private, clean, modern, colorful, and walking distance to a bus stop. This hostel was called EZ Lodgings.

Then I searched its social media to make a contact. I had conversation with the owner, Dina, through Facebook. She was nice and friendly. She even trusted me without asking for payment in advance. 🙂

The Reason to Stay at EZ Lodgings as Your Hostel in Brunei


Rooms consisted of single pull out bed, queen sized bed, and bunk bed. The room was effectively small but clean and comfy. It was completed by air conditioning, a small table, bed lamp, and trash bin. Carpet covered all floor, and it had huge window to have natural light during the day.

The guest was hoped to shelf check-in since you have had a pin code. Dina was not there. Her staff, Jade, was not always around either. Though you may contact both of them anytime.

The key was hanging on the door. Once you enter the room, you would have a towel, mini basket (I thought it was for toiletries), hanger, mini squared mirror, and a sachet of coffee. Dina also would give you a free Wi-Fi password.

Some amenities stuff in EZ Lodgings, hostel in Brunei
Some amenities stuff in EZ Lodgings, hostel in Brunei

Likewise a regular hostel, EZ Lodgings had kitchen to boil water or to cook your own meals. Washing machine was at the balcony, including the strings to dry your clothes. After that, you can iron it at common room.

There were slippers to walk around, and umbrella if it was raining. For Moslem, there was qibla sign on ceiling over the entrance. There were two sharing bathrooms equipped with shower, hot water, liquid soap, and basin.

What I liked the most about this place was its painting. The door of each room, bed sheets; especially bamboo viscose sheets, and glasses, were colorful among the white wall. The wall was made of duplex, though. So, please be quite.

EZ Lodgings, colorful hostel in Brunei
My hostel in Brunei, EZ Lodgings


EZ Lodgings was situated in the main area of Gadong. If you’re in hurry or arrive in the evening, airport pickup was available upon request. Its charge was BND15 one way. But this place was very easy to reach by public bus before 6 pm.

From airport, catch a bus to Bandar, a bus terminal. Then, take a bus #01 or #20. Tell the driver or ticket person to stop in front of The Mall. Once you get off, go down to find Block J right in fron of you. It’s across the mall. EZ Lodgings is at the end of the building, on second floor, above CY Lim Clinic. There is stairs and EZ logo is on the wall. Its door is purple.

Location of EZ Lodgings, hostel in Brunei
The building where you can find EZ Lodgings


It is as same block as Pizza Hut, and surrounded by many kiosks, stores, cafes, and restaurants. McD and Coffee Bean are here. Pasar Gadong, a famous night market to taste local food is just 5 minutes walking distance. After that, you can go to cinema at the mall.

Jame’ Asr Hassanal Bolkiah is about 15 minutes walk. Yet, to get other attractions, like Kampong Ayer, Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Royal Regalia Exhibition, etc., you should get on the bus #01 or #20 to Bandar. It’s only about 10 minutes away, and  the buses are pretty often passing the street, or you can hitchhike. I had one offered me a ride, unfortunately, our paths were different.

View from Ez Lodgings, hostel in Brunei
The view from the kitchen balcony, and my room

Lastly, BND25 per night in EZ Lodgings was reasonable price for a hostel in Brunei. I stayed here for two nights.

Interested to travel to Brunei and prove what I experienced? Please save the contact below, or book from Airbnb.

Address: Unit 16, Block J, Kompleks Abdul Razak, Gadong, Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei
Facebook: EZ Lodgings
Instagram: @ez_lodgings.brunei


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