Spending a Night without any Accommodation

Trying to sleep at Hiroshima Station

Besides money, my issue during traveling is how to spend a night when I don’t have any place to stay. I always go traveling with shoestring budget, so accommodation is my favorite part to be cut, at least for one night. Here what I usually do to deal with that situation:

  1. Couchsurfing is always my first choice, and I prefer to stay with the local. However, it’s not easy to get a host, therefore I need plan B to Z to find a shelter.
  2. I prefer to take a night bus/train to move to my next destination.
  3. If I have morning flight or if my flight arrives at night, I will spend the night at the airport.
  4. If all places are fully booked, but I arrive mid day in a city, I’ll check around the station/park, spotting where I can spend the night even though I will not have the deep sleep. In this case, you might need a sleeping bag or tent, but since I don’t have any of them, I always bring sarong to cover my body.

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