Things Making Me Missing About Japan

Have you been to Japan? What do you really miss about Japan?

Among its uniqueness and modernity, this country is highly effective. All stuffs are functional and the people are nice. I want to live here.

Following are things which make me love and always want to come back to Japan:

  1. The Japanese, actually, really know that to keep themselves away from trouble is less interaction with stranger, especially gaijin (foreigner). However, they are very helpful and friendly. For instance, every time I encountered my neighbor at her house, she always greeted me and nodded, even she didn’t smile. Also, there have been many times I asked about place or street to random people, then they didn’t only tell me how to get there (in Japanese), but sometimes walked with to make sure I was on my way.
  2. Toilet in this country has enhanced my standard of hygiene. I am obsessed it. As a person depends on water than toilet IMG_1691paper in bathroom, Japan provides both of them, There is always tissue and its stockpile in the toilet. I really like the bidet with warm water during autumn and cold season.
  3. Transportation system in Japan is fantastic. It’s coming in time, safe, traceable, and comfortable. I haven’t seen plastic/ metal for bus and train seat. Besides, the officers are so informative and helpful. I’ve lost my ticket train once, and he nicely allowed me to walk out. In fact, I don’t even remember whether I have heard horn on the street.
  4. The seasons never let you not to be fashionable and beautiful. Clearly, the fashion police is not necessary to judge the Japanese whatever-I-want-to-wear style. It’s interesting to watch something not normal in your country is very normal in Japan. For example, the men with hand bag and women obsessed with blush on are normal views in this country.
  5. No tipping culture is so respectful. There is always change, even ¥1 for any cash you pay. What the most interesting for me as Indonesian was no administration fee for bank account, even I could leave ¥0 balance. As well as, the money itself is always in good condition. Seems the Japanese do not fold and streak their money. One time, I was reminded by an officer at a station when she looked my rolled banknote.
  6. The internet access is super fast. That’s why traveling in this country is not really challenging.
  7. You won’t be hungry and thirsty because vending machine is everywhere. It’s not surprising to find the machine on the way hiking up a mountain.
  8. Functional small stuff such as change tray at cashier to put money and receive your change; wet towel in restaurant to clean your hand; free tissue given for free nearby traffic light; and change machine in a bus.
  9. The security feeling of wandering around at night. I mostly go solo traveling and walk alone at night. While in Japan, I never felt insecure.

How about you? What makes you missing about Japan?

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