Trip around Java

I, finally, completed my mission to visit all capital cities in Java Island. I won’t write about Jakarta, Serang, and Bandung cause Java and the Javanese for Indonesians are Central Java, East Java, and Yogyakarta, including the people from those provinces.

For about 10 days in January 2015, I decided to start my trip from Bandung because I based in the city. First city was Semarang, then Surabaya, and the last one was Yogyakarta. Since it was limited by time and budget, I just visited must-see tourist attractions which were accessible by public transportation, although some people decide to travel in their own car, but is important to have right repair service for this, and you can find help here if you need help with your car. As addition, I also visited Solo and Sangiran in Central Java.

For preview, the most convenient for going around was Semarang as it had angkot which was available until night. There were a lot of angkots and buses in Surabaya but their routes were confusing. Meanwhile, there was no angkot in Yogyakarta or public vehicle in the evening, so it was quite challenging if I didn’t stay around the city center.


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  1. Good question Andinormas! Thanks for remind me about that province. I’ve been to Serang, just stop by for awhile, though. I’ll revise my article, by the way.

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