What I Prepared to Go to North Korea

I decided to go to North Korea. After browsing and lot of thinking, I was confident to go to North Korea or officially called DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) in Summer 2014. This trip was not cheap, but for once life time travel experience, it’s worth it. Personally, I was excited to feel the atmosphere of the country rather than only visiting tourist attractions.

View from Yanggakdo International Hotel, Pyongyang – North Korea

To visit North Korea, you have to go on tour which I know most of the travel agencies base in Beijing, China. Though I heard there was company managing this trip from Russia as well. At the time I went with Koryo Tours, an experienced company organizing trip to DPRK. The person in charged was very nice to answer my non-stop emails about the trip before I confidently sent my application.

I recommend you to pay as soon as possible once you have sent your application. The agency needs the money to prepare your documents and accommodation in DPRK. It was excluding your needs during in Beijing

I was quite nervous for about two weeks waiting for confirmation of my payment since I didn’t have any experience transferring money abroad. Then I was so relieved once they emailed me telling they received my money afterwards. There was no way out, I must go.

The day before leaving, there was a briefing about do’s and don’ts during in the country. All travelers must attend it. Surprisingly, besides you must act respectful to the leader of the country, nothing to worry at all. We may even bring whatever devices we had, except stuffs had to do with religion and jurnalism.

At this day I saw my travel mates. They were from different countries.

Besides leaving as a group with random people, you may take private tour by yourself or with your own buddies. Its price is definitely different, you can choose which place you wanna go though.

One more thing! Except tons of photos, there will be not any evidence on your passport telling you have been in DPRK. They didn’t stamp our passport and revoked our tourist card. My suggestion is… take as many as picture you want!

In front of the late leaders bronze statues at Mansudae Grant Monument, Pyongyang – North Korea

After no worries about gadget, definitely you need money to visit DPRK. You need it for:

  1. the tour itself, is about 1400 euro for six days, but you can have 10% discount if you are student;
  2. visa (tourist card). It was around 50 EUR. It’s excluding the tour package, and will be arranged by the agency;
  3. cash (EUR, USD, or RMB) for your own expenses, such as souvenirs, karaoke, beers, or games. Fyi, tourist had no access to local currency.
  4. travel insurance. If you don’t have any, ask the agency to issue it (mine was about 40 EUR);
  5. tip for the guides and driver. It’s not only to show your appreciation for their work but also to financially help them as they don’t make much money from this job. Aside of that you are suggested to give them some gift such as chocolate, sweets, drinks, or souvenir from your country.

Any thing you need to know? Feel free to ask me below!

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  1. aku 8 sept ini kesanaaa mba :D. ga sabaaar bnget. udh pasti pake tour juga, tp dr jakarta. nanti transit do Beijing, baru di sana pake travel yg china punya. okee, jd semua bukti tertulis kota pernah ksana, bakalan g ada yaaa. banyak yg bilang temen2ku, negara seperti amerika dan UAE bakalan ga memberikan visa kalo tau kita pernah ke korut. tp jujur aja, kalopun itu bener, aku ga tertarik jg utk ksana negara2 itu :p. aku lbh suka negara2 unik seperti korut ini. menantang adrenalin 😀

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