Beijing for the First Timer

Besides issue of cleanliness and privacy of toilet, fake money was my another concern while I was in Beijing. Following are my very first experiences for four days in the city.

Shocking experiences

  1. The Chinese were everywhere, so I couldn’t recognize them visitors or locals. What the most I didn’t like DSC_1684was wherever I went, I heard people spitting, even inside the station and bus. Actually, I don’t mind with that, but I do with the sound.
  2. Talking about street food, most of them were oily. I didn’t even try many local food at that time, in fact, I forget what I have eaten. I just remember that I ate 30RMB for seafood dumpling and rice, I also tried halal lamb meat at night market, and breakfast near train station.
  3. Since I worried about the scam, I didn’t really interact with the locals. Somehow, I feel their face is unfriendly, including the officer. I have asked a young man to help me taking picture but he refused.
  4. I missed the blue sky. In the city center you might be wonder it is cloudy or polluted, cause I found the grey sky the whole day.
  5. The government is kind of paranoid cause your belonging should be scanned at all subway entrances. Also, at the counters and cashier, you will see machine to check the originality of your money.
  6. The people don’t speak English, even the officers. If they do, you have to pay attention to their accent.

Nice experiences

  1. Subway system was convenient and understandable, but bus was no English at all. One day, I got random bus to get city center because no one could tell me which the right bus to get there or the nearest subway station. I got off at random bus stop when I felt I was lost. I had no idea where I should go until I met a girl speaking English and told me that I could take the same bus with her to get the station.
  2. At Beijing Airport, I changed my 100RMB into small cash without commission. The previous counter asked me 60RMB as fee for any kind of transaction, and it’s normal at the airport.
  3. Since I didn’t have any idea how to call any number in this country, I was so thankful when I was allowed to use the phone at the bank where I changed my money. I used it to book a room, and got cheaper price than the rate on its website.
  4. A woman helped me to have a seat in the train during heading to Badaling StatioDSC_1605n. At first, I suspected she was scamming me, then I found I was wrong. I said thank you in Chinese afterward.
  5. Besides being successful stepped up my feet on the Great Wall, I also went to Beijing Zoo to see few animals that I haven’t ever seen. Now I know that panda is not only black and white, but also brown and white.
  6. Receptionist at my hostel didn’t mind when I deposited money less than it should be. I said honestly that I was trying to spend my yuan.
  7. This city is nice with its large sidewalks.

Therefore, I have some tips for you planning to visit this country for the first time.

  1. For issue of toilet, if you don’t have any wet tissue, you can wet the paper by tap water. It’s not only for cleaning your private part but also for the toilet seat. DSC_0828
  2. For issue of fake money, I provided small cash and only paid with 100RMB at reliable places such as ticket counters.
  3. Never respond the street seller and beggars around, although they are so miserable.
  4. The drivers didn’t really care about traffic light, so you have to be careful while crossing the road.
  5. The seller can be so persuasive and try to speak your language. So when you go shopping and do bargaining, you have to be confident to have your the best price. I did it couple times and got what I want.
Forbidden City

Not really bad experience, actually, though my first impression about Beijing was “I am not gonna miss this city”.

Do you have any better or worse experience than mine? Feel free so share it below.

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