What I Did for only a Day in Surabaya

Since I miscalculated about time from Semarang to Surabaya, I just got only one day full to explore the city of Surabaya. Actually, I have visited Surabaya, so I skipped some mainstream spots. I got lucky having a nice and informative host telling me what I should do to get my destinations during in the city. Here they are:


First destination was a statue of four-face-Buddha at Ken Park on Pantai Ria Kenjeran. It is located by the beach, and you should tell the angkot driver that you DSC_2515wanna go to this place, because its location bit tricky to find, otherwise you’will walk for about an hour, like I did. This place is kind of a large amusement park where you can find some attractions. At the time, from the entrance I just walked down only with one obsession, seeing the statue. Then, I quite surprised because in the middle I found a temple like temple of heaven in Beijing, Pagoda Tian Ti. So, I came over to take some pictures, but I was disappointed because the beauty of the pagoda was smudged by the animal shit. I found it everywhere on its terrace.

Finally, I got what I was looking for, Patung Budha Empat Wajah. Differently, the area was clean and well-maintained. I got a person was praying facing the Buddha.



I went to House of Sampoerna (HoS) to join a free tour with bus of Surabaya Heritage Track. From Ken Park you just need take an angkot to Jembatan Merah Plaza (JMP), it is walking distance to HoS. The tour has three session with different itinerary: 9 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm. You can book the tour online or just go to the receptionist desk. During waiting for leaving, you can look around and get inside the museum displaying the history of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk., one of large cigarets companies in Indonesia.


From HoS, I enjoyed JMP area. Its park is nice and full of flowers. I saw many locals were having fun in the afternoon. Then, I went to see the popular mall, Tunjungan Plaza. Besides watching how the Surabayan at the mall, I was waiting for opening time of my must-try restaurant, rawon setan. I was curious how hot it was, then I got it was disappointing. Not spicy at all, at least for me.


After dinner, I met a friend, and we went to Taman Bungkul. There were many people there spending their saturday night. A good place to mingle with the locals and try some local food. This park is also walking distance to Kebun Binatang Surabaya. Definitely, the zoo is closed in the evening, but the monument of Suro and Boyo lying in front of the zoo is too hot to ignore. There were many people there taking pictures with them even though it was raining.


What I am still curious about Surabaya is only Gang Dolly. The phenomenon settlement which is now closed. Few people were smiling when I said that I wanted to see this place, but they didn’t try to take me there. Might be next visit.

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